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AC 102 Ethics in Addiction Counseling - Perkins: Search Strategy

Find your Keywords

When searching the databases for articles, do not type in whole sentences.

You will be researching anything relevant to the ethical practice/advocacy in addiction counseling. You are not researching  e.g. the efficacy or success rate of mandated treatment, but rather what are the ethical issues (problems, debates) that need to be kept in mind when put into in practice. 

Look at your course readings for ideas on topics. Scan the titles of the articles listed in the bibliographies of your readings for additional topics and keywords you can use to search.

There is no one 'correct' search word to use. Different keywords will give you additional results. Think of words that mean the same or something similar as your topic and try those words too.  E.g. Compulsory treatment: duress, coercion, involuntary, pressure, persuasion (or alternatively: autonomy, freedom, consent, rightsvoluntary, self-determination.) Search multiple times in a single database before deciding it does not have any useful articles.


Since this class is only researching counseling for addiction, you might include a search term such as addiction, substance use / abuse or something more specific (e.g. alcoholism). This will help eliminate articles about counseling for other reasons.


Use the asterisk * to truncate words and widen your search. Addict* will search for Addict, Addiction and Addictions.

e.g. search  Mandated Treatment AND Addict* AND Ethic*

or Coerc* AND Substance Use Disorder AND Rehab*

or Patient Rights AND Addict* AND Involuntary Treatment

or Autonomy AND Treatment AND Drug Use 

Try your search terms in different combinations to get the greatest number of results.


See the tab "Find Peer-Reviewed Articles" for suggested databases and search tips, plus help on saving and sending your abstract and article.



These keywords may help focus your search:


Ethics, Ethical; Advocacy, Needs, Support; Barriers, Obstacles;

Counseling, counselor, treatment, services, therapy, intervention, rehabilitation;


There will be considerable crossover with mental health counseling. The articles may vary in their usefulness. Read the abstracts to see if they may apply. The databases will also include international journals, articles from these journals may also be useful in some ways (similar addiction issues) but less useful in others (ideas about treatment, legal and medical issues). Check with Prof. Perkins about including articles from these sources.

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