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COMM 115 - Group Discussion and Decision - Rodriguez-Rentas: Finding Sources

Searching for Sources

Use a variety of sources for your discussion. News sources and updates and statements from relevant organizations will have the most up to date information, while journal and magazine articles can give you an overview of an issue in general.

E.g. if you were researching the COVID19 virus, the CDC, WHO and state and local health departments would have up to date info, along with news sources on its impact on society. You could then search journals, books and magazines on the impact and response to earlier pandemics such as SARS or the Spanish Flu for comparison. 

Consider who your groups are and the kind of information they would need or decisions they would be making. Think about what kind of sources would supply that type of information.

Example: Online Learning

Online Learning:

  • Administration : Decisions about what classes to put online, Approval from appropriate organizations, decisions on which faculty to assign
  • Faculty : Training in appropriate technology, Adapting course content, Learning new pedagogical methods
  • Students : Skills to learn remotely, Access to appropriate technology (computer, wifi), Space conducive to learning

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