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COMM 115 - Group Discussion and Decision - Rodriguez-Rentas: Search Strategy

Develop a Search Strategy

Now that you have a Topic, you need to search for Sources. Use your Topic and Group for Keywords you will use to find Articles and other sources on issues related to that group and topic

Ex: Online Education and Faculty Training


Think of new Keywords that are related to your Keywords.

Online Learning ; Online Education, Remote Learning, Virtual Learning, CMS, Course Shells, BlackBoard 

Faculty: Teachers, Professors, Instructors

Training: Skills, Abilities 



Try different Keyword combinations when searching.


Use AND to link terms together and narrow your search:

Content Management Systems AND Training


Use OR to link terms together and broaden your search:

Online Learning OR Online Education AND Faculty


Use the Asterisk * (truncation) to search for different forms of a word:

Teach* searches for Teacher and Teaching


Use Quotation Marks to keep Phrases together:

"Virtual Classroom"

Search and re-search

Once you've started finding articles on your topic (see the Finding Articles tab on where and how to search), look at the subject terms to get ideas of other keywords to search under. When you read the abstract, make note of additional terms to look up.


When you read the article and abstract, make note of additional terms and concepts to look up. Write down names and organizations mentioned to search for information those groups produced. Think about the kinds of questions they can help you answer:


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