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The annotated bibliography assignment (or "Five-Source collection") is due on _________by 11:59 PM.
You must have a minimum of 5 sources in your source collection (annotated bibliography).
Creating a collection of your sources (also called "annotated bibliography") gives structure and purpose to the (otherwise messy) research process. Writing this document requires you, the researcher, to read, think about and analyze each one of your sources, so that you are clear about how you will use them in your research or I-Search article.
Begin the annotated bibliography by writing your research question and explanations in an introductory paragraph.
Then Identify five published sources that offer information and/or ideas that help you address your research question. Write five postings, each focusing on one source.
In each posting (a few paragraphs each)
--Document full publication info in an MLA-style reference and acknowledge the source material using signal phrases and in-text citation in MLA style.
--Summarize and paraphrase the relevant argument and/or information, including quotations where relevant.
--Evaluate the source’s credibility, including an assessment of their viewpoint, and the writer’s materials and methods
--Synthesize source material, identifying how it connects with and/or conflicts with your existing research and prior knowledge
--Respond to the source’s ideas/information and the writer’s project, explaining how the source has contributed to your thinking
 Note these requirements for sources: One source can come from They Say, I Say or readings on the course website. The remaining four should come from credible journalistic, academic, and/or professional publications. Use the WCC Library Databases and Google Scholar (not regular Google) as starting points. Find sources that offer a variety of viewpoints—not just ones you already agree with. In your Research Essay you will explore different ideas, rather than trying to stick to one viewpoint. Together, this collection of five is your annotated bibliography.


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