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COMM 109 - Speech Communication - Rodriguez-Rentas: Find a Topic

Find a Topic

In a persuasive presentation you are acting as an advocate to bring about change in the attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors of your target audience. The purpose of the presentation is to change the attitudes or behavior of your audience about some issue or cause that your care about. Utilizing persuasive techniques such as emotional appeal, argument repetition, and credible evidence is encouraged.

You will need a research topic that is not too broad. You can start with a broad topic and narrow it down by thinking of some of the issues associated with it. Then turn your broad topic and issue into a debatable argument.

e.g. Sports:

Levels of sports: Professional Sports, Olympic Sports, College Sports, H.S. Sports;

Specific sports: Football, Baseball, Curling, Horseracing etc.

Issues: Betting, Drugs and Doping, Sponsorships, Health and Injuries etc

Level of Sport + Specific Sport + Issue = Topic

Potential topics:

Should college athletes should get paid?

Is the NFL is doing enough to protect players long term health?

Would betting on college sports help the economy?

Are Native American themed teams and mascots racially insensitive?


Include an Informative Visual

Your presentation needs to include at least one informative visual. The visual should be cited in APA format underneath the image on your slide. See the tab for Citing and Plagiarism for examples and more information.

Basic APA format:

APA format: Lastname, FirstInitial. (Year, Month Day of publication). Title [type of image]. URL

If there is no author, list the article title first. No period after URL

If there is no image title, add a description in square brackets: e.g. [Photograph of tree]. (date) URL

Source: Would you favor or oppose an increase in the federal minimum wage from $7.25 and hour to $15 an hour? [Q.58] [Graphic]. (2016, Aug.16).



Source: Fist Full of Money [Graphic]. (n.d.).

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