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Your assignment

          Every one of us can find an injustice in our society. Many of these problems are local and national. I want you to address an injustice in your society that plays out on the local and national stage in a letter to the Governor and/or State Legislature. You will need to explain the details of the issue so they understand what the problem is. You will need to use your critical thinking skills to come up with a solution. You will also need to convince them what should be done.


-Five pages minimum plus one additional page for your Works Cited; double spaced, standard 1in margins, and 12 font size Ariel or TimesNewRoman.

-You need to begin the essay with an introductory paragraph that clearly explains the issue you want addressed.

-You need to both quote and paraphrase at least four legitimate journalistic sources from the WCC Library website with information relevant to your thesis.

-You need to have well organized body paragraphs that frame your research in the context that would be most beneficial to your argument.

-You need to include a concluding paragraph that explains to the Governor how this will help her politically and/or what comes next.

-Make sure that all research is cited using the MLA format both in the body of the essay with Parenthetical Citations as well as the end on your Works Cited Page.

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