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ART History 109 - Renaissance to Modern - Professor Jones: Wikipedia Project

Use this guide to help you find sources for the Wikipedia Research Project!

Art Resources at Harold L. Drimmer Library

Welcome students!

These pages are designed as a guide for using the Library and Internet to complete your Art History 109 Assignments. In general researchers for art and art history utilize: 

  • Visual Analysis of Works
  • Primary historical sources, such as diaries, videos, financial records, interviews with artists, documents, art exhibition catalogues, and art show reviews in magazines and newspapers. 
  • Secondary sources by critics or scholars, including in books or art journals. 

The above 3 categories of sources can be found BOTH in the Library and on the web.

Remember to cite ALL our sources properly using Chicago/Turabian Style. 

Your Librarian

Prof. Jones' Assignment


“Write a Wikipedia Article”

This semester you will become a trained Wikipedian. You will be trained on how to create a Wikipedia article in class by doing weekly exercises. Afterward, and for your final project, you should expand an existing article or create a new article on Wikipedia for one artist or public artwork (preferably in Westchester) using at least five reliable and independent sources. You may search through the academic databases in the library or run a search in PRIMO, the library's Discovery search for books, films, and articles. 

Lett, Oscar. "With Flying Colors [mural]" White Plains, New York, 2020, Oscar Lett Website,  

What are Independent sources?

Independent sources are not directly related to the subject or written by the subject. They can include:

  • books from academic presses (BOOKS/E-BOOKS LIBRARY CATALOG)
  • peer-reviewed journals (JSTOR/ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE), or
  • national or international newspapers (NEWSPAPER DATABASE OR PRIMO SEARCH)
  • reliable publishers that represent a consensus in the field (For example, or D.A.P.).

All of these sources can be found on the Internet or in the library searched several ways. 

Please bookmark this guide and the Library homepage before you start your research!

Finding Public Art Works and Artists

Independent Sources

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak

Karol, Fitzhugh. Approach. Image. Fitzhugh Karol. Accessed March 31, 2021.

Superville, Sovak. "a-Historical Landscape Series." Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, 2020, Accessed 29 March 2021. 


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