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As a group, choose a current controversial issue in the field of Early Childhood Education.  You will need to research and explore in depth both sides of the issue.  Your group will split into two opposing sides for the debate.  Each side will present a solid argument in defense of their position.  Be prepared to respond to the opposing side and to field questions from the class.  

Some examples of issues to explore are:

  • Teacher tenure
  • Charter schools/School Vouchers
  • Security/armed guards in schools
  • Year round schooling
  • Media use in school
  • Red-shirting in kindergarten

Do not feel limited by this list.

A. Written Outline
After selecting a topic and positions, each team (pro/con) will write an outline. Each team will create an introduction and conclusion together for the affirmative and the negative positions. Each team member must independently research the topic and work together to write your arguments. You may add more than three outside sources. Your team will hand in one paper for each side (pro/con). Include a bibliography. This paper should be two to three pages.
Debate Outline:
I Affirmative Introducation I Negative Introduction
II Body II Body
a. Detail a. Detail
b, Detail b. Detail
c. Detail c. Detail
III Conclusion/Summary III Conclusion/Summary


B. Debate
Your group will be divided into two teams. Each team will present the side of the issue that they wrote about in the written report. Your entire group will need to meet to prepare your debate so that you know each other's points (pro/con). Each member of the group will have a role in the debate. You may use notes during the presentation, but reading word for word from your paper is not acceptable. This is an opportunity to draw forth and communicate ideas from an internalized knowledge base.

Include a List of Works Cited.

In Memoriam

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Beth Seelick
This research guide was created by Professor Beth Seelick (1955-2019).
"A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops." ― Henry B. Adams

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