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Credo Instruct Information Literacy Tutorials: Home

What is Credo's Instruct?

Credo Instruct is a set of online videos, tutorials, and quizzes covering information literacy. WCC library has subscribed to Instruct and it is free for you and students to use, on campus or off.


The resource aims to:

  • Help students learn how to find relevant and reliable library and other research materials
  • Formulate appropriate, workable research questions
  • Synthesize what they learn into a final product such as a research paper, including citations that are apt for their field

How to utilize instruct in your class

Here are 3 ways you can utilize Instruct in your course: 

1. Before Library instruction
Librarians would be happy to come to your classroom to teach your students research and information literacy skills. However, that time is limited.

  • It can be hard to balance teaching students the conceptual knowledge they need and the basic mechanics of research for their assignments in one sitting. Use multimedia to flip your library instruction. Students can go through multimedia on their own time (before or after class) to get basic concepts of information literacy.
  • Benefit: Librarians can focus their in-person time with students on hands-on searching and practice for their assignment, and reinforcing information literacy concepts.

2. Scaffold throughout your Course
Are you concerned about having enough time to cover your course’s content and incorporate research instruction into your syllabus?

  • Use multimedia to flip information literacy instruction throughout several weeks of your course. Students can go through multimedia on their own time to learn basic concepts and practice research skills. Reinforce IL concepts through the research assignments you planned to give as part of your syllabus - like annotated bibliographies, research papers, etc. Relevant multimedia can be shared with students at each step of a major research project.
  • Benefit: Students can benefit from information literacy instruction without a significant impact on your syllabus.


3. As a Remedial Tool
Do some of your students need a refresher or additional help with how to do research (transfer students, non-traditional students, at risk students)?

  • Use multimedia as a remedial tool to for students who need to review basic information literacy skills. By making materials available online, students can get the help they need without significantly impacting your course syllabus.
  • Benefit: Students who need additional help can benefit from information literacy instruction without a significant impact on your syllabus.

Credo Instruct Tutorial

Each item should take approximately 5 minutes to complete 


  1. Getting Started With Research
    1. Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters
    2. Video: Life in the Information Age
    3. Video Tutorial: Research Process
    4. Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus
    5. Video: How to Narrow Your Topic
    6. Tutorial: Background Research Tips
    7. Video Tutorial: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google
    8. Video: Thesis Statements
    9. Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation
    10. Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing
    11. Video: Creating a Research Plan
    12. Video: Framing a Problem
    13. Quiz: Getting Started with Research
  2. Sources of Information
    1. Tutorial: Information Has Value
    2. Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge
    3. Video: Primary & Secondary Research
    4. Video: Peer Review
    5. Video: Types of Sources
    6. Video: Primary Sources
    7. Video: Secondary Sources
    8. Video: Tertiary Sources
    9. Tutorial: Source Types
    10. Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials
    11. Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials
    12. Tutorial: Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources
    13. Quiz: Sources of Information
  3. Searching for Information
    1. Video Tutorial: Searching as Exploration
    2. Video: Choosing a Database
    3. Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords
    4. Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1
    5. Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2
    6. Video: Refining Search Results
    7. Quiz: Searching for Information
  4. Evaluating Information
    1. Video: What is Authority?
    2. Video: Introduction to Bias
    3. Video: Types of Bias
    4. Video: Evaluating Sources
    5. Tutorial: Evaluating Information
    6. Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News
    7. Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation
    8. Tutorial: Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading
    9. Tutorial: News Reporting vs. Opinion Pieces in Journalism
    10. Quiz: Evaluating Information
  5. Citations and Academic Integrity (this unit can be configured for MLA or APA tutorials and quiz questions)
    1. Tutorial: Why Citations Matter
    2. Tutorial: APA 7th Edition Citations
    3. Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style
    4. Tutorial: Academic Integrity
    5. Video: Plagiarism
    6. Quiz: Citations and Academic Integrity

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