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Prof. Liberatore Eng 102 Spring 2019: Home

Your assignment

Criteria: 5-7 pages typed, double-spaced; Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1” margins

For this assignment you may choose any piece of literature we have covered this semester, including one you have already written on. Your research paper will be a literary analysis paper, just like the other two papers you have written, only it will be extended, more detailed, and include the criticism and analysis of others. You may choose to conduct a critical study of theme, character, symbolism, setting, point of view, or language. Or you may choose to comment on the overall meaning, message, and interpretation of your chosen piece of literature. You must incorporate a minimum of four (4) sources, one of which will be your primary source. Reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias may not be counted as sources. Websites are NOT permitted. You will use MLA format to document your sources and you must include a works cited page.

The goal over the remaining weeks of class is to build on the work you’ve done previously with reading the texts and to develop your ideas into a research essay. Making connections, analyzing the work and its influences, gathering evidence, and constructing an argument are still essential components of your writing. However, you will need to expand your focus to include:
- Choosing an issue to research
- Conducting a search for sources
- Evaluating those sources
- Integrating secondary source research into your writing
- Documenting your sources and avoiding plagiarism
Your paper should aim to express, in your strongest voice, what you believe is important. Convincing others requires clear thinking and writing. We may write with a stronger voice when we feel passionate about an issue, but it is our ability to explain with evidence, not just our passion, that gives clarity and credibility to our arguments.


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