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Prof. Rubenstein - English 102 - Spring 2021: Fairy Tales

Your Assignment

The Effects of Fairytales as a Narrative for Young Children


The essay will be based on the literary genre of “fairytales,” andwill be based on a few readings assigned online, your own findings of Brothers Grimms’ and Han Christian Andersen’s published fairytales, plus scholarly sources that address the research question as well as your own research. It will reflect your understanding of the genre of fairytales, as part of the larger genre of the “narrative,” and how to research and write about literature.

Identify a position and defend it with research to back up your viewpoint.


1. Paper is double-spaced and typed, with proper heading.

2. Paper is a minimum of 4 – 5 pages.

3. Paraphrasing and quotes are required in the paper and must be properly formatted for parenthetical notes.

4. Paper includes a WORKS CITED page for all sources used in the parenthetical notes.

5. A minimum of Five (5) Scholarly Sources are required.
Utilize original full length publication – can combine print or online sources. No Wikipedia, or allowed.

The Intersection of Ideas

When analyzing and writing about literature, consider your foundation text(s): the fairy or folk tale.  What aspects of the text interest you? Theme? Characters? Plot? Style? Explore and learn about those aspects of the foundation text.  For example, many fairy tales have stock or stereotypical characters whose traits and depiction are a reflection of the time and place, the society in which the tale is told.

Next explore ideas that may intersect with the text, ideas that may have more to do with society, social norms, history, religion, or philosophy.

Find the intersection between the text(s) and the external ideas.

Formulate or develop a thesis that makes a claim about the intersection of the aspect of the foundation text that captures your interest and the external ideas.

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