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Prof. DeRose - English 101 - Research Project #2: Citing Your Sources

Avoid Plagiarism, Cite your Sources


The intentional or unintentional use of someone's work without providing an attribution (citation). Types of work can be text, audio, video, and images.

The Relationship Between In-text Citation and the Works Cited Page

The Works Cited Page

The works cited page is an alphabetical list of all the sources cited in your paper.  Your sources are represented in the works cited page via a full citation.   The full citation includes information to identify the source.  The types of information recorded in a full citation can include the author name(s), the title of the work, date of publication, title of periodical, title of website, name of the database and the type of medium (web, print, video, cd).   

If you need more help with creating full citations for your sources please consult our citation resources page.  

In-text (parenthatical) Citation

The in-text (also known as the parenthetical) citation is a method to communicate to your reader what source you are using in the text of your assignment.   The in-text citation should provide enough information to point the reader to corresponding reference in your work cited page


The Library offers a premium version of the citation software program EasyBib Academic. For help with EasyBib, refer to our guide “EASYBIB for Citations“.
(You will need to log in with your MyWCC User ID and password when accessing from off campus.)

In-text citation in MLA format

Most in-text citations in  MLA format refer to the author and page

(Author page)

example: (Johnson 25)

If  you are citing a source with more than one author (but less than four) then you must list all the authors and the page

example: (Smith, Thomas, and Jenkins 20)

If you are citing a source with more than three authors  you need to provide the first author listed in the full citation followed by an et al

example: (Cassidy et al. 899)

If there is no paging provided for your source (such as website) or your source doesn't use paging  (like a video or audio recording) then your citation would just consist of the author's last name

example: (Franks)

If you work doesn't have an author you'll need to state part of the title in your in-text citation. Make sure that the title is put in double quotes (" ")

For example the full citation for The Library of Congress's African American Pamphlets homepage is:

"African American Pamphlets Home Page." American Memory. The Library of Congress, 19 Oct. 1998. Web. 19 May 2015.

The in-text citation should give enough information to find this citation on the work cited page

The citation starts with: "African American Pamphlets Home Page"

so the in-text would be ("African American Pamphlets Home Page")

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