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Prof. Sehulster ENG 101 Fall 2020: Home


This guide will help with your research and citation for the Research Proposal, Annotated Bibliography and Research Essay.     Below is Journal Entry 8 (using the CRAAP method)

Journal Entry 8


  1. Review the reading and activities about using the CRAAP Test to evaluate sources.
  2. By now, you have found at least three sources for your research project/essay.


Write THREE paragraphs, one for each of your THREE  sources, in which you do the following:


  • Name the source, its author(s), its publication date, and its place of publication.
  • Summarize the source (claim + general evidence).  Use no more than three sentences.
  • Evaluate each source’s:
  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose
  1. After you have posted your three entries, read TWO peers’ postings and, using at least 5 sentences, comment upon EACH SET.  What parts of the annotations seem strong?  What parts of the annotations confuse you or do you think need some improvement?


You may wish to use the following template (X3), but you do not have to do so.



I found the source, “____________________,” written by __________________ and published in ___________ on _______________ in the ___________________ database, using the search terms “____________________________.”  Basically, this entire article supports the idea that __________________________________________________________________________________________________

This author utilizes _________________________ and ________________________ to substantiate the claim, and this evidence _____________________ [Verb] the reader.  The source absolutely possesses reliability and credibility, for its author __________________________________________,

and the piece draws from __________sources, all of them from ________ - _________, and all of them from scholarly publications.   The vocabulary does __________________________________, for it is ___________________________________.  Because I contend that ____________________________________

___________________________________________, this source will _______________________________________ with my claim, though it will contradict _____________________________________________________.  In general, it will ____________________________________________________________ my other research.


CRAAP Test .pdf Click for more options





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