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Human Behavior and Social Development /Lifespan - Boyhood Assignment - Prof. Peguero Spencer: Your Assignment

Boyhood - The Movie

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Your Assignment

Boyhood Movie Paper

Watch Boyhood (2014) by Richard Linklater.

In Boyhood, we watch as Mason grows up from 6 to age 18. The movie is available for free on or you can use SWANK from the library streaming system

Submit a 4-page (not including APA reference page), a double-spaced paper discussing how the movie Boyhood portrays key concepts, principles, and or overarching themes of human behavior.

Choose one of the developmental stages of this 12-year time span to complete the following requirements:

1. Identify what stages of Freud’s stages of psycho-sexual development Mason is in and what evidence do you see in the movie that supports this observation, be specific.

2. Identify the tasks associated with this stage in Erikson’s stages of psychosocial stages of development. How do you see Mason struggling with the tasks?

a. At this stage in Mason’s life what are his strengths and stressors related to his biological dimension? (his size, his strength, etc)

b. At this stage in Mason’s life what are his strengths and stressors related to his psychological dimension? (his mental state, anxiety, attachment, oedipal stages, etc.)

c. At this stage in Mason’s life, what are his strengths and stressors related to his Social dimension? (his friendships, his connections, school, bullying)

3. Finally, after watching the movie, how do you think his family experiences/dynamics (e.g., parental divorce, single parent, domestic violence, substance abuse,) impact his development?

Please include 2 peer-review psychological/social work articles to support your observations. Please use the APA citation style when you incorporate your findings and support your position. 

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