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Prof. Graciano - English 101 - Fall 2018: Home

Use this guide to access recommended resources and citation aides for Prof. Graciano's English 101 writing assignments.

In this Guide

Use this guide for help in creating a Research Plan for your research proposal, for identifying Recommended Resources for Prof. Graciano's assignments, and for Citation help. 


Importance of Time Management and Planning!  

We cannot work miracles! Familiarize yourself with the assignment requirements and schedule!


Conduct background research using specific, recommended LIBRARY DATABASES to determine the major issues, the names or organizations involved, and VOCABULARY around your subject!


Be Efficient - Go to the Experts!

Focus on the requirements of your professor. Use the TYPE OF SOURCES your professor asks for! 

Are you supposed to use Research Articles, Books, Magazines, Videos (LIBRARY SOURCES)? Can you use the Web? 

Also, Find the BEST AUTHORITIES for your area of research.  

Yes, INFORMATION can be found on the web; finding the RIGHT EXPERTISE for your topic area is more complex and time consuming.


Who would be an expert for the question of "assistive reproductive technology"? __________________________

Who might be an expert on the topic of "texting while driving"? _____________________________

Whom would you consult about "DACA"? ____________________________________


Use professional Vocabulary and Apply a Lens


  • Assistive reproductive technology - "fertility treatments"
  • Invitro or In-vitro
  • "ART"

Vocabulary/Related terms or issues

  • Surrogates
  • Sperm donors
  • Same sex couples
  • Sex or trait selection
  • Advanced maternal/paternal age
  • Stem Cell research


  • Medical (medical, nursing, medical technology, hard science)
  • Ethical/Religious (religion, philosophy)
  • Societal (public policy, sociology, education, age/gender of parents?) 
  • Financial (business opportunites?, insurance?, employer coverage and policies?)
  • Interpersonal Studies (social work, psychology)
  • Legal 

NOTE: Also, try to nod at a VARIETY OF VIEWPOINTS. Go outside your comfort zone and acknowledge/respond to any arguments made on the other side. 


Collect research and facts that you will be using to support your paper:

Example Names/Organizations 

Geoffrey Sher, MD, Sher Institute for Reproductive Tech, wrote a book surveying IVF treatments and ethics

Alice Klein, Reporter for The New Scientist and former university chemistry professor

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Integrated into your writing: 

.... according to Sher, "....." (300). 

Klein suggests "...." (20). 

It is estimated that since 1985 more than one million babies have been born from ART procedures conducted in the United States (SART). 


Let's get started finding sources! 

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