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Legal Research and Writing- Historical Society of NY Courts -Garfinkel Contest 2017: Videos



The March @ 50

This PBS documentary focuses on how Shelby v. Holder, a landmark Supreme Court case that nullified significant sections of the Voting Rights Act, served as a turning point for the future of voting in the United States. 

The Constitution Project - One Person One Vote

An examination of the Supreme Court’s dilemmas and tensions as it stepped into the “political thicket” of voting and representational equality, establishing the practice of what has become a core American principle: “One person, one vote.”

Voting Rights Act Media Kit

A project of the LBJ Presidential Library that combines photographs and audio and video recordings for a look at the inception of the Voting Rights Act. Included is a video of President Johnson's full speech he made upon signing the measure into law. 

Bridging History: Selma and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Through oral histories, archival footage, and historic photographs, this documentary examines how peaceful protesters who were attacked by state state troopers spurred public opinion behind voting reform. 

Why Did There Need to Be a Voting Rights Act of 1965 and What Did It Accomplish?

This lecture by Harvard Law School Professor Michael R. Klein details how the bill emerged from longstanding civil unrest and tension and how it has impacted American society in a cultural and political manner.  

Voting Rights Panel Discussion

An in-depth discourse on the current issues threatening the potency of the Voting Rights Act, led by the foremost experts on the topic.

Electoral Dysfunction

This documentary hosted by CBS News Correspondent Mo Rocca incisively explains the intricacies of the American voting regulations. His nonpartisan approach conveys the threats to the integrity of our voting system, and the measures that can be taken to to preserve its potency.  

President Obama Selma Speech

Commemorating the Act's 50th anniversary, President Obama's speech asks us to reflect on the astounding kinship, courage and social progress that can emerge from a dark chapter of our nation's history.  

PBS Videos 

A blend of documentaries, historical footage and studio interviews that makes for a well-rounded look into voting rights in the United States.

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