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Essay One Assignment

ESSAY # 1:  {DRAFT DUE 2/1, FINAL DUE 2/18}


a. In Some Modest Proposals for the Reform of Literature, Hu Shih tells us that those who wish to reform literature should begin with eight matters:

I. Writing should have substance.

II. Do not imitate the ancients.

III. Emphasize the technique of writing.

IV. Do not moan without an illness.

V. Eliminate hackneyed and formal language.

VI. Do not use allusions.

VII. Do not use parallelism.

VIII. Do not avoid vulgar diction.

                Think about his arguments, and then choose ONE of the following assignments:


Write your own “Proposals for the Reform of Literature”, and use those principles to evaluate “Rashomon”, “My Big Brother” or one or two of Akhmatova’s poems.



Write your own “Proposals for the Reform of ART”, and use those principles to evaluate ONE of the following works: The Kiss, The Persistence of Memory, Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda, Guernica, or one of the Caribbean art pieces.               



                a.  4 - 5 pages/1,000 – 1,250 words, word-processed, double-spaced, 12 pt. - font, with A TITLE on the first page 

                b. 1-inch margins on all sides

                c. Write in first or third person.

                d. Include your name, date, and course on the first page; name and page number on every subsequent page.

                e. Include at least one citation from Shi’s work and the work you evaluate or a scholarly article about the literature or the art, and then include the corresponding Work Cited entries.  To do so:

                1. Go to the library home page (   Click on “Databases and Articles.”

            2. Use Literature Resource Center, MLA International Bibliography, JSTOR or one of the Arts databases.  Type in your search terms (the titles of the works or the name of the author or artist) and find two articles that will help you to write your essay because each one contains literary analysis or artistic analysis of the work you have chosen to examine.  (See

and  or the MLA .pdf’s I have put into our “Library Help” section of the Blackboard shell for help with correct MLA format.)

                f. Use the sample evaluation sheet as the rubric for what the essay must contain.



a. Imagine you write the essay for a group of your peers who think in a way opposite from you so need convincing about your argument.



                a. Do some prewriting: brainstorming, note-taking, outlining, mapping, etc.

b. Write an initial, full draft(s). Remember to SAVE  SEPARATELY the initial draft(s) BEFORE you go back to the computer to make changes and save the final draft.

                c. Include the peer’s evaluation on of the draft.

                d. Include the final draft on top of all of this preliminary work.

                e. Include the self-evaluation sheet you MUST submit with each essay.



                a. Please see the student copy of the essay evaluation sheet AND peer evaluation sheet.  IF YOU TRULY use these criteria to revise FULLY, you will improve your writing and hand in good essays.    SUBMIT AS ONE FILE IN .docx/.doc/.rtf/.pdf/.odt  NOT in .wps and NOT in separate files!







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