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GEO101 - Lotstein : Food Mapping: Search Strategy

Research your Food Item


{food item} cultivation

{food item} supply

{food item} industry

{food item} production

{food item} history

{food item} origin

{food item} crops

{food item} farming

Be careful to check results about the industry or production centers of your food item which may refer to processing and manufacturing areas. E.g. Although Switzerland is known for their chocolates, cocoa is not grown in the country.

"Organic Swiss Milk Chocolate with Almonds" bar labeled Made in Switzerland, Distributed by Whole Foods, Austin, TX. With note stating the cocoa beans were grown in the Dominican Republic.

Source: [sic]

Find your Keywords

When searching for sources, use your keywords, do not type in whole sentences.


There is no one 'correct' search word to use. Different keywords will give you more results. Think of words that mean the same or something similar as your topic and try those words too. For fruits and vegetables, try the scientific name of the plant, or the plant family.  E.g. Eggplant, Solanum melongena (scientific name), Nightshade (plant family)


 You may need to broaden or narrow  your search terms depending on your results :


Broader Search:  Dairy Farming instead of Milk

Narrower Search: Cantaloupe instead of Melon


Use the asterisk * to truncate words and widen your search. Tomat* will search for Tomato, Tomatoes and Tomatillo

Use quotation marks to keep phrases together: e.g. "Dairy Farming" 


e.g. search  Lentil* AND cultivation

Legumes AND Farm* AND History

"Lens culinaris" AND Farm*

Try your search terms in different combinations to get the greatest number of results.


NASA measures Corn Belt photosynthesis (NASA - JPL)

"Satellite Shows High Productivity from U.S. Corn Belt The magnitude of fluorescence portrayed in this visualization prompted researchers to take a closer look at the productivity of the U.S. Corn Belt. The glow represents fluorescence measured from land plants in early July, over a period from 2007 to 2011. Image credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center." Gif from

Click link above for full story.

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