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GEO101 - Lotstein : Food Mapping: Your Assignment & Part 2: Origins

Your Assignment:

This is a summary of your assignment. Complete instructions can be found in BlackBoard.

You will be constructing and interpreting your own maps around the theme of food. You will produce a total of 6 maps and a one-page written summary.  You will collect primary data, identify the geographic origins of several food sources, map these food sources from their beginnings to the present day and map the import and export of these food sources throughout the world.

Part 1: Primary Data

Select 20 food items from your own kitchen (preferable unprocessed foods). Organize a table with the names of the item and where they originated (be careful not to confuse 'distributed by' with the actual source of the food item). Map the where these food items were produced or grown on a blank map (1 World Map and 1 US Map). You must include a color-coded legend to represent the total number of food items from each country/state. *This is not a complete description of the assignment.

Chart for Part 1
Country State Total number of Items List of Items
Country A   X Item A, Item B, Item C
Country B   X Item B, Item D, Item E, Item F
  State A X Item A, Item C, 
  State B X Item B

Don't forget your MAPS: the maps are color-coded according to the total NUMBER of food items from that country (1 map) or state (1 map).


Part 2: Researching and Mapping Data

You will conduct research on your 20 unprocessed foods identifying where the item was originally grown or first cultivated and domesticated. Remember to cite the source of the information in either MLA or APA format. Create a table of food items and their origins (be aware some foods may be identified by region and not a particular country or countries). Create a color-coded map as in part one identifying places where these foods were first produced according to the TOTAL NUMBER of items from that country/area.  

Chart for Part 2 : Origins
Food Item Origin 
Food Item A Place of Origin for Food A
Food Item B Place of Origin for Food B

Don't forget your MAP: the map is color-coded according to the total NUMBER of items that area/country is the place of origin of.


Identify the top producer for each of your 20 items by country or region. You will prepare another table and map as above, remembering to cite your sources of information. *This is a not a complete description of the assignment.

Chart for Part 2 : Producer
Food Item Producer
Food Item A Top Producer of Food A
Food Item B Top Producer of Food B

Don't forget your MAP: the map is color-coded according to the total NUMBER of items that country is a top producer of.


Part 3: Writing

Write a short paper explaining what you have learned from your investigation about the spacial patterns about the food origins, production and your own consumption. *This is not a complete description of the assignment.


Works Cited

You will need to include a Works Cited or References page of your sources. For this assignment, you can list the main source of information once (e.g. The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture) and not as 30 separate citations from the same Encyclopedia on different food products.

Look under the Search Strategy tab above to find out how best to search for information about your topic foods. You can find information about APA and MLA format under the Citing and Plagiarism tab on this guide. 

To get help with your research project from a librarian either in person, by phone, email, text, or chat. Look under the Get Help tab to see how to contact the library who taught your library session and get information on library hours.

If you need additional information on your assignment and specific due dates, check BB first, THEN ask your professor.

Start Here: Part 2 : Origins

Off Campus log in required for GVRL and Credo Reference links.

The Future of Food: Cuba [Excerpt ] : BBC via Films on Demand: requires off campus log in

Exerpt from "Future of Food" BBC Documentary via Films on Demand. Required off campus log-in with WCC user ID and password.

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