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AC 102 Ethics in Addiction Counseling - Jazwinski: Your Assignment

This guide will help students in Prof. Jazwinski's AC 102 class find scholarly resources about ethical issues in counseling.

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to find 3 peer reviewed research articles on an ethical issue in addiction counseling published within the prior 8 years (i.e. 2008 - Present).

You will join one of the topic groups (e.g.   Mandated Clients, Dual Relationships etc). You will be researching the ethical issues related to your topic, not how successful e.g. mandated treatment is).

Part I: Submit the bibliographic information (citation) and the abstract of 3 articles.

Part II: After receiving feedback on your articles, submit a one page paper summarizing the key findings of one of the articles. Include the article citation and abstract again. 

Part III: Your group will give a presentation about the research findings of the articles you've read (and feedback on your summary) and how it will apply to your work as an addiction counselor.

  You will find a list of databases that are recommended to find research articles for this assignment under the Find Peer-Reviewed Articles tab.

 See the full assignment details in your course shell in BlackBoard for more information and due dates on each part of this assignment.

What is a Summary?

Video from the staff at the Kimbel Library of Coastal Carolina University that explains what a summary is and how to go about writing one (1min 39 sec).

What are Peer Reviewed Articles?

Professional or Scholarly literature is peer-reviewed. Articles in professional journals are written for and reviewed by people in the profession--researchers, clinicians or academics.  

Many professional articles are very technical.  Be sure you can understand an articles before choosing to work with it.  A good way to find out if you are interested in the subject matter of the articles is to read the abstract or summary.

Many professional and peer reviewed journals publish book reviews.  Book reviews are usually not appropriate as sources for your research on a topic--you need to read the whole book!  Usually "Review" or Book Review" will appear somewhere in the database citation. In most databases you can limit the search to exclude book reviews.

What is a Scholarly / Peer Reviewed Article?

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