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AC 203 Addiction Counseling Models - Jazwinski: Search Strategy

This guide will help students in AC203 locate scholarly information on addiction counseling models.

Find your Keywords

When searching the databases for articles, do not type in whole sentences.

Remember you are not researching the theory or methods of a counseling model  but looking for a research study when a particular counseling model has been used in the real world on a specific group of people and the results reported. This is called EMPIRICAL RESEARCH - research which comes from observation or experiment.

You can search for addiction counseling models in general or a specific type. If you are searching a specific type, you will probably get more results if you do not use acronyms (i.e. use Motivational Enhancement Therapy instead of MET).

Since this class is only researching counseling for addiction, you should include a search term such as addiction or something more specific (e.g. alcoholism). This will help eliminate articles about counseling for other reasons.

Try adding one of the following terms that will help narrow your results to articles about the application or evaluation of the counseling model:

Techniques; Outcomes; Evaluation; Assessment; Treatment; Therapy; Efficacy

e.g. search Motivational Enhancement Therapy AND Addiction AND Outcomes

Use the asterisk * to truncate words and widen your search. Therap* will search for Therapy and Therapies etc.

Try these suggested search terms in different combinations in the databases to get the greatest number of results.

See the tab "Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles" for suggested databases and search tips, plus help on saving and sending your abstract and article.

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