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READ 93 - Foundations of College Reading - Library Research Project: Workflow

Begin here with what you will produce?

Ready to start your project? Great! Where should you begin? At the end of course! Surprised by that? 
Begin by reviewing the products you are expected to create/produce.
Remember to do this BEFORE you look for articles!

Your Assignment

Your Task
  1. Research Information


        A.    Identify the database you used to find your articles.

        B.    Identify the first search term you used.

        C.    Write the number of articles that matched your search.

        D.    Limit search, if over fifty, by changing search terms or selecting magazines only. If you

             limited your search, identify your new search term.  Write the number of articles that

             now matched your search.

        E.    Identify the title, author, magazine, and date of both articles.

Find 2 articles and for each supply the following information:

  • The database in which you found it,
  • The search terms you used to find the articles and how many results were retrieved by those search terms,
  • Any other search terms you used that returned 50+ results and that you later limited or modified,
  • Citation.


Super Searcher Tip

Make a list or chart - on paper or on your computer/tablet to collect this info as you work!!

Now - begin your search for the best articles on your topic to answer your research question.

II.    Core Comprehension Skills


        A.    Choose a total of three (3) paragraphs that contain a topic, main idea, and three (3) supporting details from either article.  If you have difficulty finding paragraphs that contain three (3) supporting details consult with your professor.

        B.    Bracket and number these paragraphs in the articles.  Include your articles with your final project.

        C.    Identify the topic, main idea, and three major supporting details of each of these paragraphs. You may either use a linear method or a graphic organizer to do this.  

Each of your 2 articles must have at least 3 good sized paragraphs that each include a main idea and 3 or more supporting details.


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