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PSYCH - General Psychology : Prof. Mastromonaco classical conditioning: Search Strategy

Finding your keywords

When searching the databases for articles, do not type in whole sentences. Pick out the key words in your assigned topic:

"Advertising takes advantage of using classical conditioning to make products appealing to the public"

The  two main keywords are Advertising and Classical Conditioning.  To craft a search with these keywords you want to generate as many relevant results as possible. 

The first step is to truncate Advertising using an asterisk(*).   By truncating the word Advertising with an asterisk (which means we would enter advertis* into our first search field) that tells a database to search for the words advertising, advertisement, advertiser, advertisements advertisers.

The second step is to put classical conditioning into quotes ("  ").  By searching "classical conditioning" this ensures we search these two words together and reduces the chance of finding articles on other types of conditioning

so the first search string you should use will look like:

advertis* AND "classical conditioning"

As you search you may discover keywords similar to advertising that produce more results such as consumer.   You may also want to focus on specific groups such as by age (teenagers, aged, adults), race/ethnicity or sex.  

To search for articles on how classical conditioning makes product appealing we have to think of how classical conditioning works.  By doing some background research (via the Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology) we learn that classical conditioning can work by linking a neutral stimulus to a reflexive response.   In Pavlov's first study those reflexive responses were taste and smell, or two of the five senses.  Therefore any of the five senses could be searched with 'classical conditioning' for articles.  

The article from Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology also states: "In humans, classical conditioning can account for such complex phenomena as a person's emotional reaction to a particular song or perfume based on a past experience with which it is associated."    So in addition to senses we could also search a particular emotion in relation to "classical conditioning

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