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Human Services 260 - Group Dynamics and Leadership: Google/Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Do a search in GOOGLE or GOOGLE SCHOLAR using the following keywords:

Google Scholar

Find Articles Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Looking for an easier way to search for scholarly articles in the field of human services?  The Westchester Community College Library now participates in Google Scholar Library Links program.  

The results you will get in Google Scholar are very different from those you would get in the regular version of Google.  Here's some of what you may find:

  1. Peer-reviewed journal articles
  2. Other previously published journal articles 
  3. Unpublished scholarly articles
  4. Master's theses and other degree or class work
  5. Citations for books, some of which link to parts of the actual book online.

Don’t Open Your Wallet Before You Talk to Us

Although registering for Library Links will improve your chances, sometimes you’ll still find articles that want to charge you an obscene amount of money, like $25 or $40. If this happens, try one of the following:

  1. Ask a librarian for assistance.
  2. Find a different article that will serve just as well (a librarian can help).
  3. If you have 10 or 14 days to wait and no other article will do, request it via Interlibrary Loan.


Ask a librarian to help you!  We can tell you how to find what you need, what you’re looking at and how to get it.

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