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GEO101 - Prof Patasaw : World Geography: Create your Podcast

Podcast tips and help

While you are not writing a paper for this assignment, you are highly encouraged to create a script. In general, it takes 2 minutes to read a one page Word document (at usual research paper settings: double spaced, 12pt etc.) 

Prof. Patasaw has provided excellent podcasting guidelines and sources of information on how to create and edit audio. The videos and advice below are help for those who feel they are not especially tech-savvy and are looking for a simple (and free) way to complete the assignments. You do not need to follow the examples in the videos below, or use the same software platforms if you are already familiar with creating and editing audio. 

Bring a headset with a microphone if you are planning on using a computer lab computer to record your project.


If you'd like to add your podcast to your PowerPoint slides go to Insert > Audio > and upload your file. Then click on PLAYBACK > PLAY IN BACKGROUND > Save. Now the audio will play through the entire presentation instead of only the first slide.

Powerpoint Playback tool. Click Play in Background to play audio over all slides.

Podcasting 101: Getting Started

Podcasting 101: Editing in Audacity

Podcasting 101: Sound Quality in Audacity

Podcasting 101: Introduction to Audacity

Podcasting 101: Importing Audio into Audacity

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