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GEO101 - Prof Patasaw : World Geography: Search Strategy

Find your Keywords

When searching for sources, use your keywords, do not type in whole sentences.

There is no one 'correct' search word to use. Different keywords will give you more results. Think of words that mean the same or something similar as your topic and try those words too.  E.g. Volcanic Activity, Volcanoes, Eruption


 You may need to broaden or narrow  your search terms depending on your results :


Broader Search:  Agriculture instead of Farms

Narrower Search: Reservoir instead of Water


Use the asterisk * to truncate words and widen your search. Volcan* will search for Volcano, Volcanic and Volcanism

Use quotation marks to keep phrases together: e.g. "North American Tectonic Plate" "Geothermal Energy" 


Try your search terms in different combinations to get the greatest number of results.


Environmental Information

General Country Data

World News and Current Events

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