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HCTAL 103 - Intro to the US Health Care System : Prof. Lowry - Sp23: 1 & 2: Search MEPS Topics and Reports

This guide will help students with the MEPS Insurance assignment

Search MEPS Topics and Reports


From the MEPS  home page click MEPS TOPICS under DATA and STATISTICS in the toolbar on the left (or Click here for full topic list under the partial MEPS Topics list). 

MEPS topics link on homepage


Click a Topic to view the full list of reports in that area.

All of the reports are related to medical expenditures (its the Medical Expenditure Panel Study, after all) and will have some information about insurance status, but some more than others. Browse the report titles and look for keywords such as Insurance, Expenditures, Costs, Coverage, Out-of-Pocket, Co-Pays etc., to determine which may be more comprehensive or relevant. 

The list below is for the topic Priority Conditions - Asthma. There are several reports focused on insurance and health care costs.

MEPS report list


See the column to the right on how to cite MEPS reports in APA format.



Click the PUBLICATIONS SEARCH link to search by topic. Enter your topic in the search box > SEARCH.

Try different search terms if you do not get any results (e.g. Breast Screening, Mammogram, Breast Exam etc.) 

MEPS publication search page

In the results list look for titles that include Statistical Brief, Research Findings, or White Paper in the name. 

As the survey questions change over time some topics may not have reports for more recent years.


MEPS publication search results page

Cite a MEPS report in APA 7th ed. format

MEPS report APA citation example


Last name, First initial., & Last name, First initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of page on website (Report type and number if any). Publisher, Government Agency or Organization Name. URL 


Manski, R., Rohde, M. A. & Ricks, T. (2021, October 1). Trends in the Number and Percentage of the Population with Any Dental or Medical Visits, 2003-2018 (Statistical Brief 537). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In-text citation (Manski et al., 2021)


The Suggested Citation at the end of the Reports and Briefs are not APA format, but can easily be fixed following the examples above.

MEPS suggested citation is not APA format

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