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HCTAL 103 - Intro to the US Health Care System : Prof. Lowry - Sp23: Your Assignment

This guide will help students with the MEPS Insurance assignment

Your Assignment

Healthcare Insurance Coverage Assignment

Quantitative Reasoning Learning Goals

Through this process, students will:

  1. Understand the research process
  2. Strengthen their quantitative reasoning skills
  3. Be able to communicate the meaning of data through visualizations and summaries

Project Overview The U.S. does not have a universal health care system. It is private/public hybrid system where most people get their health insurance through their employers (private), the elderly (over 65 years old) and those with disabilities receive Medicare (public) and low - income populations can qualify for Medicaid (public). There are millions of people who do not have any type of health insurance. Having health insurance determines your access to the health care services.

We will review many of the available data sources to find information about health insurance coverage. For this assignment we will be looking at data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), which is a set of multiple surveys of families and individuals, their medical providers and employers. To access the MEPS data sources and reports:

This project will consist of four assignments:

  1. Formulate a research question about health insurance coverage
  2. Explore the data sources that you can use for answering your research questions
  3. Analyze the data
  4. Write up a summary of your conclusions


The paper should include in-text citations and a bibliography according to APA format.


You can get help with your research project from a librarian either by going to the library in person or emailing the librarian who taught your research session (see under Help tab).


For additional information on your assignment and due dates ask Professor Lowry

Research Steps

For this assignment we will:

  • 1: Browse MEPS TOPICS
  • 3: Use the MEPS DATA TOOLS
  • 4: Search the LIBRARY DATABASES
  • 5: Cite our sources in APA 7th ed. format

Use the top navigation tabs for information on how to best search the resources listed above and cite them in APA format.

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