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HIS 101 - Western Civilization to 1648 - Prof. Jackson - Fall 22: Your Assignment

Research Assignment


Ask a question which you will answer for the remainder of the semester

  • 1. Identify a region you wish to study
  • 2. Identify a time period you wish to study.
  • 3. Identify a theme (women, war, famine, religion, philosophy, etc.)
  • 4. With these three piece of information you must ask a question which will allow you to write a short research paper (5-7pp).

Example: What was the role of women in Athens Greece from 450-300 BCE?




1.     A clear research question that includes: the theme, region and time period of which you are studying. 20 points

2.     Sources: you must use at least five sources. 20 points

3.     Research: the inclusion of relevant information which speaks to your project.  20 points

4.     Organization and writing: Your paper must be logically organized with an introduction, paragraphs which include research, and a conclusion. You should spell check and check for errors in grammar. 20 points

5.     Citation of sources using Chicago Style citation format.1 If you follow the link below, which is itself an example of the Chicago Style format, you will have access to an online guide.  10 points.

6.     ALL papers must be at least five pages long.  They must be written in 12 font Times New Roman font. 10 points   

1. Chicago Citation Manual of Style.



You can get help with your research project from a librarian either by going to the library in person or emailing the librarian who taught your research session (see under Help tab).

See examples of Chicago Style citations on the Citing and Plagiarism tab.

For additional information on your assignment and due dates check your courseshell in Brightspace. If you still cannot find the answer, then ask Professor Jackson.

Background Information

The sources below are encyclopedia entries to help get you started on your topic.

Off-campus access requires MyWCC user id and pswd

slides for virtual class

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