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Welcome! This research guide was created for students in Professor Wineberg's Writing and Research class.

You have been assigned a Proposal, Annotated Bibliography, and culminating Research Article assignment focused on a topic of your choice.

This guide is a customized resource for this particular course and assignment. If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to contact your librarian in person, via email or through the library's virtual services. You are bound to have questions as you conduct your research.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or to take advantage of our Ask-a-Librarian chat/text/e-mail system. 

Gapminder - Misconception Studies

Ola, Rosling, narrator. The Terrible Results from the Misconception Survey 2017.
     Gapminder Foundation, 2017. YouTube,
     watch?v=N1dvfH3s1Ak&t=117s. Accessed 28 Sept. 2022.  
          In this video, Ola Rosling demonstrates the findings of the
          Misconception Study conducted by the Gapminder Foundation in 2017. The
          findings suggest most people have misconceptions about important facts
          related to global problems.



David Brooks - "What Is Tearing Families Apart?"

Storytelling - Not a Single Story

The Danger of a Single Story. Performance by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, TED, 2009. TED Talks, Accessed 28 Sept. 2022.

Adichie gives several examples from her life growing up in Eastern Nigeria in a middle class family, discovering African literature, and studying in America. Particularly interesting are the reactions of her American roommate and professor who felt she was not "authentically African" and her subsequent assumptions about Mexicans. We should not base the story of a person or a culture on one story; people in power are the ones to set the "one story". When you begin a story is also important historically to Africa and other cultures. I am using this TED talk to show the tendency of humans to feel comfortable in their thinking and perspective.

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