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What's in this Guide?

The resources on these pages will help you:

  • find background information about your topic,
  • formulate a search strategy on your topic,
  • find and select articles in the library databases,
  • find e-Books in the library catalog,
  • evaluate the sources you have found,
  • cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism,
  • find additional help from the Writing Center and Academic Support,
  • log in from off-campus.

Your assignment

Your task asks you to write a paper that integrates evidence and ideas from outside sources in support of your thesis.

This guide is a customized resource for this particular course and assignment.

Write a 5-7 page paper about a document that you have selected from your textbook.

Choose a document that interests you. Interrogate the document. Analyze the document. Understand the document.

  • Who wrote or created the document?
  • What is the message, the content of the document?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What is the historical and social context of the document: the speech, the poster, the photograph, etc.?
  • What are the main ideas conveyed?
  • Consider the language and the images. Is there emotional content? 
  • What is controversial or debatable about the ideas raised in the document? What change(s) does the document propose or suggest or inspire?

Write a well-developed thesis statement.

  • Make a claim about an idea or issue. The claim must identify a debatable idea, an idea where there is a range of perspective.
  • Identify "controls" or aspects of the issue that you will explore in your argument/paper.
  • Narrow your topic so that you can dig deeply into the issues.
  • The thesis statement should be no less than two paragraphs.

Use at least 15 sources from a variety of source types: books, journals, magazines, newspapers, online resources, film, or oral sources.

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