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Prof. Courage: ENG102 - Essay #2: Annotated Bibliography

This guide is for students in ENG102 with Prof. Courage who are working on Essay #2.


Prepare Annotated Bibliographies for the secondary sources you will be using for Essay #2. The Annotated Bibliographies will be due before Essay #2.

You will write one annotated bibliography for each article. 


An annotated bibliography consists of three parts:

CITATION:  Complete MLA8 citation of your source.

OVERVIEW. Write a paragraph or two in which you:

  • Explain your topic or question and your claim or thesis about that topic/question. This might be the same thesis as in Essay 1 or, after doing additional reading/research in secondary sources, you may feel a need to revise that claim or thesis.
  • Summarize what you have found out so far from your sources, what you still want/need to find out – and where you might look


  • Explain why this is relevant to your claim or thesis and what makes it a reliable source (you may find sources that are not relevant or reliable--but these are not worth listing in your annotated bibliography).
  • Summarize the basic claim of the source. What does it say about the topic you are writing about?
  • Respond to the source. Say whether you agree or disagree with the source and why. Analyze quotes and raise questions about it.
  • Plan. Explain how you will use this source in Essay 2. Be specific.
  • Synthesize. Explain the way this source fits with--or challenges--other information you have about the topic.


Use the Search Strategy and Finding Articles tabs to find the best sources for your chosen story and type of literary analysis you are doing.

Complete directions can be found in your BlackBoard shell.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

What is an Annotated Bibliography? The ENG102 annotated bibliography is a document that lists your secondary sources on a particular story/topic/question and offers a brief discussion of each source, summarizing that source and discussing how it connects to the other sources and to your own thinking about the short story/stories that is/are the main focus of your essay .

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