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COMM 101 - Understanding Mass Media - Toy - Spring 2021: Home

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The resources on this pages will help you:

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Media Timeline

Group 6. "Timeline on the Evolution of Communication," shared by Angeles, Ereñeta, Litam Jeng, and Tuason Segui on Science 10: Section M, 8 Dec. 2013. Science 10: Section M,

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to compose a 4-page MLA-documented research paper using at least 5 credible, published, and legitimate sources based on the following:

Choose one of the eight major mass media channels and examine how it has shaped culture in what you determine to be the most significant way.

The seven major mass media channels are: 

1. Print Recordings

2. Cinema/Film

3. Radio

4. Television

5. Internet

6. Social Media

7. Gaming

For instance, you can write about how movies as a mass media channel shaped culture in a significant way, or you can write about how a specific mass media message like “Star Wars”/ “Bruce Lee”/ “Harry Potter” shaped culture in a significant/meaningful/important way.

Please don't write about social media and the impact of culture. If you are going to write about social media pick a specific aspect of social media. Maybe memes or photo filters. I encourage you to run the topic by me.


Consider all the topics we've covered this semester and pick something you are truly interested in. Simply being popular is not enough of a reason to choose a topic – you must make a case that it shaped culture in a significant/meaningful/important way. Students are responsible for uploading their papers via Blackboard on due date. No hard copies will be accepted and no papers will be accepted after the deadline.


Students will be graded based on:

Understanding/interpretation: Understanding of how a particular mass media channel or message affected culture.

Research: Evidence to support your claim. At least five sources.

Writing/grammar: Sentences are well-constructed clear and succinct.

Formatting: Directions followed (proper spacing, font, margins etc.).

Work Cited: Properly cited in research paper and on bibliography page.

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