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Prof. Mills: History of Photography - SPRING 2020: Home

What's in this Guide?

Welcome! This research guide was created for students in Prof. Mill's History of Photography class.

This guide is a customized resource for this particular course and assignment.

Your assignment requires you to choose one quote from critics and historians studying photography.

Consider the quote: What is the author attempting to say about photography? Build an argument for or against the author’s statement. Aim to make your case by identifying and explaining one single photograph.

You are to state the title, date and the name of the photographer you reference.

You will need to use three academic sources. Format your citations using Chicago Manual Style (CMS).

Christina Bloom, Press Photographer

Broom, Christina. The Bermondsey B’hoys. 1914-1915. Christina Broom, Press Photographer, Museum of London, 17 Feb. 2010,

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