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Creating an MLA Annotated Bibliography for a Literary Topic

This guide is intended to help you create an annotated bibliography for your research in English 102, Writing and Literature. We will be presenting a literary topic that we have researched and step-by-step instructions on preparing this assignment in MLA

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is type of expanded bibliography, a list of books, articles, films, and works of literature used in your research. The annotated bibliography is a step on the way to your final academic essay.

The Annotated Bibliography for a literary topic includes a citation, commonly in Modern Language Association (MLA format) and an annotation, a summary and analysis, of each source that you use.

Sometimes an annotated bibliography will also include an introductory paragraph orienting your reader to your topic clarifying what you have set out to do in your research.

In order to create your Annotated Bibliography, please follow along with the steps we have prepared. You will find linked examples and videos of a bibliography as it is being created.





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